The Indian Politicians have played a major role in initiating, extending and continuing the system of reservations in India. This is because they are inseparably embedded in the Executive and legislative process of India and they support the system unanimously. Reservation is the only topic on which all political parties including the government and the opposition are on the same page! No party wants to show their dissent to the system of reservations or we can say that they can’t afford to, as they fear they would be voted out of power or won’t get to form the government if they try to antagonise the pro-reservationists. In the name of Equality and Social Justice, the politicians have furthered their political agenda and vote-bank politics. The Indian politicians should realise their responsibility to build a progressive nation instead of satisfying their narrow self and political interests.

The Indian politicians give many unjustified and weak arguments to show their support for the system of reservations. One of the major arguments that they give for reservations is to bring social and economic equality and justice and end the exploitation and exclusion of the backward communities from the Indian society. But it has been noticed, evidenced and claimed by many experts that reservations in education and jobs to the backward communities have not led to significant improvement in the social and economic conditions of these communities. Instead, it has led to social and economic inequality within the backward castes along with strengthening of caste-consciousness and increase in inter-caste conflicts and acrimony. Why then, this system of reservations is being persisted with, needs an answer from these politicians. The next argument given by Indian politicians for reservations is that the ability of the job-seekers and students from the backward castes is quite low in comparison to the upper castes, due to years of exploitation and inequality faced by them. Hence, they say that the backward communities need reservations for the creation of a level-playing field. However, this argument is inherently and conceptually flawed as both theoretically and practically all over the world it has been proved and accepted that reservations cannot and do not enhance the capabilities of the beneficiaries. On the contrary, reservations reduce their capabilities. This leads to a situation where, even after reservations a level-playing field is not developed due to the dip in the efficiencies and efforts of the beneficiary classes. This in fact increases the gap between the abilities of the reserved and the unreserved classes which is disastrous in the long-term, both for the beneficiaries and for the nation as a whole. Hence, reservations instead of creating a level-playing field, destroys it deeply and forever which again acts as an impediment in creation of Equality in the country.

The actual agenda of the Indian politicians in persisting with the system of reservations is that of using the British policy of ‘Divide and Rule’ by strengthening the caste-system in India so as to fuel and propel their Vote-Bank politics. They fail to realise that creating a divide in the country on caste-lines will actually weaken our ‘Unity in Diversity’ slogan and will hurt the national interest. Indian politicians should take pride in representing the people of the largest Democracy in the world and hence should realise their responsibilities towards them. They should stop misleading the people on an issue as sensitive as Reservations. Indian politicians, by the virtue of being the leaders in the largest democracy of the world, have an added responsibility to shape the future of the world. India needs to show the world the way to a better future which will only be realised when Indian politicians express their honest and true views on the system of reservations by ignoring their short-term personal and party interests. The need of the hour is to shun Colonial-era British policies that have hurt India for ages now, and start the formation of a ‘True and New India’ which is positively united on important national issues like abolition of the system of Reservations.