In ancient times, The Indian Education system which consisted of the Gurukul Style of education was praised globally and was considered the best in the world. But if we compare that old system of education to the contemporary standards of the education system in India, it can easily be concluded that the quality of education in India has deteriorated significantly. Evidence to confirm this is provided by the global rankings of universities where no Indian University finds a place in the top 200 universities.

The biggest contributing factor to the dismal condition of the Indian Education System today is the 50% reservations to students from the SC/ST/OBC community in educational institutions. This system of reservation in education in India has caused multi-dimensional harm to the education system which has threatened the progress and prosperity of the nation as the education system forms the backbone of any country.

Reservation in Education is a violation of the Basic Right of a person which is ‘Freedom of Choice’. Reservations force a deserving student to opt for an option (college or university) which is not his first choice only because there is a reservation in educational institutions for backward communities. Reservations in jobs further aggravate the misery of a talented candidate and the violation of ‘freedom of choice’ due to reservation in education is dwarfed by violation of ‘Right to Life’ due to the system of reservations in Jobs. Hence, the very concept of Reservations is in violation of the Basic Structure of the Indian Constitution which bestows upon each Indian citizen a set of Fundamental, Natural and Human Rights. Hence, there is a need to promote a merit-based education system by abolishing reservations in education.

The system of reservations in education has caused division of the student community on caste-basis much like it has divided the society on same terms. Instead of having the feeling of coming from one nation, students today pay loyalties to their caste-based identities. It has also led to violence on college campuses either due to differences on the issue of reservations or otherwise. The University elections are also fought mainly on caste-basis following in the footsteps of Parliamentary and State Assembly elections. Students are the future of the country, if they are developing caste consciousness within themselves today, the future of India will not be as bright as we want it to be. This provides us with a binding compulsion to eliminate reservations from the Indian Education system.

The next disadvantage of the system of reservations in the Indian Education System is that it encourages, promotes and chooses less efficient students over more talented, efficient and intelligent students. This causes disappointment in deserving candidates who sometimes go to the extent of committing suicide attempts. Some of these talented students leave the country to get higher education from foreign universities and finally decide to settle there, leading to Brain-Drain. On the other hand, the students getting reservations overestimate their capabilities and reduce their efforts further. This leads to fall in the quality of results of colleges and universities which hurts their reputation. In short, reservations in education reduces the capabilities and performance of the nation as a whole by misutilisation of the youth power and weakening the educational institutions of the country. Hence, in order to ensure a progressive and competitive India, the system of reservation in education needs to go.

Also, the system of reservations in education together with reservation in jobs causes a deterioration in the quality of professionals the country produces, which not only leads to loss of economic growth but also leads to loss of lives in cases of doctors being hired on the basis of caste-based reservations. In addition to this, this system promotes corruption and dishonesty in students as they try to get fake certificates which shows them to be from SC/ST/OBC.
Reservation has remained a tool to further the agenda of vote-bank politics in the Indian Political System for a long time now. But it is of utmost importance that at least an area as important as education is spared from getting used to achieve narrow and vested interests of politicians and political parties. Reservation in Education is ‘good politics’ but ‘a very bad policy’ to take the country to great heights. The Indian Youth is the future of the nation which makes it imperative that it is not given the crutches of reservation but is made competitive, skilful and efficient which will further make them strong, vibrant, energetic and confident, hence making them capable to take forward themselves, their families, the society and the nation as a whole.