The reservation system in India gives 50% reservations to SC/ST and OBC categories in govt. jobs and educational institutions while the remaining sections of the society are unmindfully and exploitatively excluded from getting these benefits or any corresponding support to safeguard their rights and interests. This type of exclusion has led to various forms of Injustice to these excluded groups which has made their life very difficult, challenging and vulnerable. The Indian Constitution and the Preamble to it has given each citizen the right and opportunity to lead a life which is just, non-discriminatory and non-exploitative. It directs the State to treat every citizen equally and not to discriminate on the basis of caste among other things. This makes it the responsibility of the State to ensure that either no group is excluded from getting reservations or the system itself is dismantled.

The excluded sections and classes (The General Category) have faced myriad of injustices in various forms and dimensions. To begin with, the Fundamental Rights of the excluded groups have been impinged upon through the introduction, implementation and functioning of reservations. The system of reservations violates the ‘right to equality’ of those excluded groups from the system. The evil system of reservations also signifies and promotes ‘reverse discrimination’ which is an exploitative policy and hence violates the ‘right against exploitation’. Violation of these Basic Fundamental Rights of the General Category people has led to the creation and enhancement of their mental agony and trauma through increased uncertainties, vulnerabilities and fear regarding their possible futures and source of livelihood & sustenance.

The excluded groups have also faced unemployment and ‘forced’ employment in jobs not matching their temperaments and caliber, due to the existence of the system of reservations. Even after being efficient and meritorious, every year thousands of deserving general category students and job-seekers fail to transform their dreams into reality. They also have to undergo the mental frustration of seeing lesser qualified, deserving and talented candidates getting the better of them. This situation has transformed into various instances of students and job-seekers committing suicides. It has also led to the destruction of careers of many general category candidates.
The system of reservations has also excluded many poor families and sections of the society which come from the general category, as this system is based on caste and not on economic status. Also, the system has caused many general category families to slip below the poverty line. This has led to increased poverty levels among these excluded groups which is further causing their social segregation and inequality. There have also been instances of faulty inclusion and exclusion of beneficiaries under the reservation system as this process is largely based on political considerations. This has further intensified the miseries of the excluded class.

The general category today has many questions that they put up in front of the govt. and pro-reservationists, like what is their mistake if the backward castes were exploited many generations or centuries back? What wrong have they done that they are being discriminated against? Is the injustice being done with them the only way out to improve the conditions of the backward sections? Aren’t they an important part of the society and the country? These questions need to be answered by the proponents of the system of reservations and if the answers are genuine, it would be realized that reservations have no place in a Democratic country like India and should immediately be abolished. The system of reservations is like an economic system where the backward castes are given huge subsidies while the general categories are heavily taxed. In any field of life balance is of utmost importance, else all the stakeholders are bound to suffer, although with time lags.

The system of reservations has forced the general category students and job-seekers to go and settle out of the country although they love their country and want to contribute to its progress and development. Even those general category people who don’t have enough financial resources are made to arrange money from possible and impossible sources to leave the country as they have very limited opportunities in India due to the system of reservations. The system of reservations need to go if we want to use our country’s full capacity & resources and stop this ‘Forced Brain Drain’.

The system of reservations which excludes a major portion of the country’s population will cost India dearly in terms of forgoing great minds and leaders that may have emerged if the system of reservations was not present in the country. The intellectual gap between the upper and lower castes is increasing day by day due to reservations. We wonder if in future, to plug this gap a system more lethal than reservations will be introduced which will exclude a greater number of people! Hence the system of reservations need to be removed to avoid such a situation in the country’s future. The country needs a united force of all its people if it wants to progress, prosper and develop in a just manner. This entails the removal of all biased policies like reservations which causes the exclusion of certain communities or classes. Only then can India become great once again and regain its ancient pride and honor in the global arena.