Natural Justice means the justice that is achieved by the functioning of the natural laws i.e. without any human intervention or human-made laws, what exists and persists symbolises Natural Justice. It does not necessarily mean Equality. For example, rainfall is a natural phenomenon and is experienced throughout the world but it is not even or exactly same for all the areas in the world. The amount of rainfall in a particular area depends on many factors like climate, topography, area’s location on the globe, etc. Will rainfall increase in an area if the people of that area are unsatisfied or/and complaining about the local topography? NO! And even if it rains owing to their discontent, it’s a violation of Natural Justice as the natural features of the concerned area do not create the conditions for rainfall. The only way out here would be to transport water to this parched area from other places in the vicinity. But this is only a geographic example and when it comes to humans, their abilities can be enhanced through economic and social support. This highlights the fact that Reservations need to be removed from our society as they violate Natural Justice.

Similarly, it also exists in man-made situations and processes. For example, the functioning of the stock markets is based on it. A large number of investors invest in shares in the stock markets with an expectation of good returns but actual returns depend on the investor’s knowledge, experience of the stock market, ability to withstand risk, etc. The amount of returns to various individuals from investment in the stock markets is a result of Natural Justice. A person would earn as much as he deserves. Is there any provision in place for the backward/poor communities which enables them to earn more in the stock markets? Of course Not! Even if such a system is put in place, it is a violation of Natural Justice as it is unfair to investors who have good knowledge of the stock markets. Of course, the backward/poor need to be looked after by the govt but it doesn’t mean they are given reservations. Natural Justice is free from any bias and is purely based on the natural abilities and endowments.

The Indian Constitution provides for Justice: Social, Economic, Political which is part of the concept of Natural Justice. Article 311 of Constitution of India incorporates many of the features of the natural justice without explicitly mentioning it. The Indian concept of Natural Justice is in favour of Equality among individuals. Violation of natural justice is equal to violation of Equality of the Article 14 of Constitution of India. But the system of reservations in jobs and educational institutions for the certain sections in India persists and hence violates the concepts of Natural Justice and Equality.

Reservation violates natural justice because it leads to denial and rejection of the deserving and acceptance and recognition of the undeserving. The sections of the society not getting reservations even after having the capability, intelligence and dedication to one’s goal, fail to achieve their aspirations while the reserved class even if they possess lesser ability, resolve and ambitions, make the cut quite easily. The result of the violation of this natural justice by the system of reservations is that it promotes inefficiency which is disastrous from the point of view of the beneficiaries themselves and also to the nation’s progress. When the inefficient people replace the efficient people in govt jobs and educational institutions, the concept of natural justice is further distorted. This is because these inefficient people are incapable of upholding the ideals of natural justice themselves while interacting with the public at large which also violates many of their Fundamental Rights.

To ensure that Natural Justice prevails in India, Reservations of all kinds need to be removed from our socio-political setup. For this to happen, the Indian politics need to mature and think beyond the vote-bank politics. Also, the beneficiaries of the reservation system need to realise the fact that the system is hurting them the most by curtailing their skill development, growth and personality development. India can become a United and Progressive force only when the system of reservation is done away with.